Monday, March 25, 2013

Banana Bread Scones

As I was drooling looking through recipes on a new favorite blog, I came across this banana bread scones recipe and knew it would be my next sweet treat to make.  Making it proved to be a challenge as I kept taking out the required amount of butter 3 days in a row only to not make them.  I even had to go buy more bananas and wait for them to ripen to that perfect banana bread point.  Studying for exams seems to be taking over my life lately, will be so glad when this semester is over.  Shame on it for monopolizing my cooking/baking time!  Anyway, I finally made them and they were out-of-this-world yummy!

The blog site, Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice, has tons and tons of great recipes and this one, Banana Bread Scones it only my first that I bookmarked to make.  They have a sweet banana taste with a brown sugar glaze on top.  How can anyone resist eating these?!  If you've never had a scone before, you should definitely try them. Great for breakfast, with or without tea/coffee, heck, they are great as a snack too.  I should have listen to her words of wisdom and made a second batch.  They went fast.

 Here is the link to her wonderful site and the Scone recipe.

And here is a couple of pictures of my version:

I added a little bit of flour to help the dough from sticking to my hands as I
it into a circle.  Once you cut the dough into 8 slices, separate them as
they will expand during baking.

I had a hard time letting them cool and the brown
sugar glaze harden. I wanted to try them right out
of the oven!

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  1. Thanks for making them Lisa! They look so yummy - I am craving them so badly now! I'm going to make them again soon - definitely a double batch. Have to get my hands on some bananas. Thanks for the sweet comments about my blog!


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